Ad-hoc Hourly Support


This option is for our clients who manage their own websites but need to share the load for a temporary period or would like assistance with your website.  Our help can extend to providing resources to help you get your website up to date or if you need help and advice on how to bring an idea to life we can assign the correct team members to help out.


Our support can be purchased in 1 hour blocks and does not necessarily have to be with only one of the team.  You can purchase as many 1 hour blocks as you need and they can be used in one session over over the course of a number of days or weeks.  The choice is yours and we are happy to be flexible.  Ultimately we are here to ensure you get your website tasks completed successfully.

Examples of how clients have used this service

  1. Image colourisation, editing and optimisation
  2. Video editing, uploading to Vimeo and embedding on website pages
  3. Content and editorial services
  4. Staff training and familiarisation
  5. Social media reviews including standardising headers, logos, phone numbers and reviewing access

How we deliver our support service?

All our support services and meetings are conducted by core iTCHYROBOT team members and some external subject experts.  Our support services in most instances are completed remotely using data capture forms and online meetings.  A support hour for example can be conducted completely online using Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or the system of your choosing and you can work alongside the team members assigned to your tickets.  Some clients prefer this and they learn new skills and get to understand how our team operate.  Of course once you have used support it is possible to request your team members who you wish to work with (This may not always be possible depending on timeframes and holidays/illness but we will always do our best to accommodate).

Once you have purchased your Ad-Hoc Support we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time for the session or to collect the list of jobs needing completion.  Once the session is booked a meeting link will be created and sent to your email.  Please attend this session prepared with clear instructions and the URLs of the pages you require changes to ensure you get the most out of the session.

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