Sector: Charity

Services: Web Design, Web Development, Problem Solving

Who Are They?

EcoShop is a collective of pop-up shops set up across the Tees Valley designed to minimise food waste and provide food at an affordable price to local communities. Rather than send perfectly good food to landfill sites, they go to EcoShops where residents can choose 10 items for only £2, with fresh fruit and veg usually free!

What They Needed

EcoShop approached us with the logo and content ready to go but needed a website to raise awareness of their work. The website needed to serve multiple purposes – help communities find their local EcoShop, help people set up their own EcoShop and build a sense of community for the cause.

EcoShop needed a website to generate interest and community.

What We Did

Information needed to be presented clearly on the website, so we created quite a simple design that was packed with functionality. The homepage features plenty of core information laid out in an easy-to-read way.

The ‘Find An EcoShop’ page features map integration with colour-coded pins, allowing users to easily see their closest venue and what type of EcoShop it is. It also has a postcode checker, offering another option for finding nearby shops. Below that, there is a filterable list of shops with full addresses, opening hours and the option to highlight the pin on the map above.

When a user sets up their shop, they are then able to then register onto the site. This gives them access to even more functionality, consisting of member news, downloads and a forum to allow members to communicate with each other, fostering community between the shop owners.

The site also features a recipe section, which can be used in conjunction with the products users may find at EcoShops, offering an additional level of service.

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